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New England Sky Photographer Expert

Aerial photos and videos for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their services with powerful imagery. Drone photography allows you to capture angles and shots that are otherwise impossible with traditional photography. We specialize in drone photography for real estate professionals, construction, special events, film footage and more. Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities on every project.

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Experienced Pilots

Our drone pilots are highly trained, fully insured and FAA certified.

Professional Quality

Our high quality drone footage can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Unique As Your Brand

We look to keep your brand unique with our best photographers in New England from New York to Maine.

We’re All About Quality & Value

Our mission is to always deliver high quality photography services.

The Possibilities are Endless

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Our drone photography services can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications including:

✔ Real Estate Photography
✔ Construction Surveying
✔ Weddings & Events
✔ Municipal Land Surveying
✔ TV and Website Productions
✔ And Much More!